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Got a programming job.

2017-09-10 17:14:51 by JPversus

After a year of searching I managed to secure a programming position for a good wage.


Looks like art is back on the menu.


2017-04-09 03:46:41 by JPversus

Worked a temp job for a good chunk of time. 

Programming positions are harder to get than I thought.

Art will remain on hold until I settle on a new schedule.

Applications are Out.

2016-08-13 02:02:49 by JPversus


Job hunt is going down now. I'm looking around for Software Development positions. 


Not sure how this is really going to affect my art but its definitely an exciting time. Hopefully I'll be making a good amount of money soon.


On top of all of this I'm thinking about fixing up another website for blog updates/art updates etc. Something that uses databases is the plan.

Art soon?

2016-05-30 07:05:44 by JPversus

Finished up my personal website.

Just need to fix up my resume and I'll be working on something soon.

I'm thinking about going for sticker designs.

2016: I want to post more.

2016-01-10 15:22:13 by JPversus

This is not a full time thing for me but I feel that I need to post more. I only had 3 pieces posted last year!

I'm shooting for 20 this year!

Next up: Images for Twitch

2015-09-23 03:14:18 by JPversus

Preparing for the future when I decide to stream.

So I'm going to draw some stuff that will be used on my Twitch page and on my borders while I play.

Should be done sometime this week.

Current Plans

2015-02-05 18:34:58 by JPversus

I've had a couple of ideas I'd like to try out for my next pieces:

  • Hotline Miami X John Wick
  • Monster Hunter
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Street Fighter Characters